The Story of Body Wise

Body Wise was founded in April 1989 by Tom Tierney and Ray Grimm to empower people to live healthy lives.

“Health, personal appearance, abundance, and personal empowerment are all essential components of the Body Wise mission,” said Tom. “We believe in living life to the fullest and helping others. Bring your dreams to Body Wise and we will help you realize them.”

After achieving tremendous success, Body Wise was sold to Bill Farley, the business icon with a passion for sports, health and nutrition. He grew Fruit of the Loom from a $500 million underwear brand into a $2 billion leisure wear company.

Today, Bill brings the enthusiasm and financial backing to carry on the high standards established by Tom Tierney and Ray. Bill’s decision to form the new Body Wise Scientific Advisory Board is one example of his ongoing commitment to excellence.


What is the Body Wise Difference?

Our proprietary formulations are created by doctors using the latest scientific research. Products are manufactured in FDA licensed facilities using Current Good Manufacturing Practices.

Every batch we make undergoes heavy metal testing, infrared spectroscopy testing, microbiological testing, dissolution and disintegration testing, and high-pressure liquid chromatography testing.

When you buy a Body Wise supplement you are assured of the level of purity and potency. You can also be certain that what you see on the label is exactly what you’ll find in the bottle.

Healthcare professionals, athletes, and people who are serious about nutrition are our best customers. They appreciate Body Wise optimal nutrition supplements that combine optimal forms of nutrients for maximum bioavailability, plus optimal amounts of nutrients for a difference you can feel.