Immune Health - AG Immune

AG Immune

  • Ai/E10®, The Ultimate Nutrient for immune support*
  • Daily protection for optimal immunity*
  • Helps boost and modulate immune response*

What’s inside

Ai/E10 Shown in studies to elevate B, T and NK cell activity while working as a true immune system modulator. Supports immune cell communication.*

Arabinogalactans – Provides complex polysaccharides that help activate some of the most powerful immune cells.*

Astragalus Root – Boosts resistance and vitality while helping to reduce the effects of stress. Traditionally used by Chinese herbalists to support “Qi”, the life force.*

Maitake Mushroom TD-Fraction – Provides protein-bound polysaccharides to help activate a variety of immune functions. Rich in grifolan, a beta-glucan polysaccharide shown to activate macrophages (the heavy duty cells of the immune system). Promotes immune system recovery after exercise.*

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Immune Health - NK Immune

Super Ai/E10

  • Pure Ai/E10®, The Ultimate Nutrient for immune support*
  • Add when you’re stressed, traveling, not eating well, or feeling run-down*
  • “Immunity that works!” Townsend Letter, a leading journal of alternative medicine

What’s inside

Ai/E10 Helps modulate the immune system so it can recognize, respond and adapt to threats. Supports immune cell communication.*

Shown in studies to support natural killer (NK) cell function, which is important in maintaining a strong immune system.*

Helps protect cells from the damaging effects of toxins in the air and food, so immune cells can rid the body of harmful substances.*

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Immune health builds the foundation for active living.

Immune Health - Immune Foundation Kit

Immune Foundation Kit

  • Right Choice AM supports immunity with antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and whole food extracts.*
  • Right Choice PM supports immunity with chelated minerals, enzymes and alkalizing greens.*
  • AG Immune helps boost and modulate immune response.*

What’s inside

Vitamin A – Boosts immune function. Helps protect eyesight. Vital for growth and repair of bones, skins and hair.*

B Vitamin Complex – Helps metabolize energy from food. Supports the nervous system, healthy red blood cells, hormone production and mental alertness. Helps reduce stress.*

Vitamin C – Helps protect against free radical damage and aids healing.*

Natural Vitamin E – Supports heart health.*

Tumeric – Helps soothe exercise-induced inflammation.*

Chelated Zinc – Helps strengthen the immune system. Helps regulate the production and storage of insulin.*

Chelated Magnesium – Supports heart, lung, muscle and kidney health. Helps regulate blood pressure. Enhances the absorption of calcium for strong bones.*

Chelated Calcium – Calcium in the most bioavailable citrate form to support healthy bones.*

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This product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or mitigate disease.